Glenhope Ridge Estate
The home of Premier Heathcote Shiraz


Flash is a facility to allow for dynamic web display, such as advertisements, movies and slideshows, and was used to produce the slideshow banner on this websites start page. It is produced by Adobe and has been in the press a lot of late, mostly due to arguments between Apple and Adobe and Apple's insistence that it won't allow flash on the iPhone or iPad.

Flash is notorious for consuming lots of processing power from your computer's CPU, and as a result can drive your fans quite hard and flatten your batteries quite fast (if you own a laptop or other portable device).

I'm not fully convinced that all alternatives to flash will significantly reduce consumption of processing power, although I understand they are coming (HTML5). In the meantime, I didn't like it, that my website looked odd without the flash slideshow on the front page when viewed from my iPhone or iPad. So with that in mind, I’ve finally decided to update the site and remove its dependence on flash.

I hope you like the change, you now have the added benefit of pausing or starting the slideshow as well as downloading the images of our vineyard.