Glenhope Ridge Estate
The home of Premier Heathcote Shiraz
What happened to Mia Creek Wines?
After all, this website's address is

Yes, 265 Wickhams Lane, Glenhope East Victoria was originally called Mia Creek Wines and was planted by David McKenzie in the mid to late 90's. It has since been taken over by Bernhard & Clare de Kok in October 2007, who actually created the Mia Creek Wines web site.

But in the ensuing time, we felt the name was wrong. Glenhope East is nowhere near Mia Mia and certainly there is no creek in the area that stems from there, so we changed the name to Glenhope Ridge Estate, as that is more indicative of our place. We're on a ridge in Glenhope East. Enough said.

We should probably point out that the new name and label also marks the start of a new wine maker (Bernie).

To view the new label, please check out the blog entry.
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Mia Creek RIP